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  • In addition to LASIK, epi-LASIK and PRK, Dr. Lewis uses his excimer lasers to treat pathology. Here, a patient with severe anterior corneal dystrophy is having photo-therapeutic keratectomy. The Amoils Brush (Innovamed) and Mastel Laser Clean Room (Mastel Precision) are staples of his operating suite.
Dr. Lewis was the first LASIK surgeon to investigate the performance of the Moria SBK OUP using Optical Coherence Tomography. His results proved that flaps produced with this generation of mechanical microkeratome match and even surpass those cut using the IntraLase™.

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Prolog Press Release

New Ophthalmology Suite in North Philadelphia

Dr. James S. Lewis invites patients to the renovated Eye Institute of Salus University. This state-of-the-art North Philadelphia facility includes the James S. Lewis, MD Ophthalmology Suite specializing in cataract, cornea and LASIK Surgery.

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